Submental fullness due to submental fat, often referred to as a “double chin,” is a common condition that affects men and women of all ages. 

Genetics, aging and weight gain can play a role in submental fullness, which is often resistant to diet and exercise. The double chin has also historically been an under-treated facial aesthetic condition, despite 2014 survey results from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDC), which indicate that over two-thirds of consumers are bothered by their double chins.

KYBELLA™ (deoxycholic acid) injections can help with double-chin removal. KYBELLA is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and improves the appearance of fullness due to submental fat.KYBELLA™ is  the only FDA approved injectable liposuction on the market. Intended to erase double chins, it is an enzyme that will eat away your fat cells and your body will metabolize them. Kybella underwent over 4 years of rigorous human clinical trials. Over 1500 patients were enrolled and treated in the clinical trials and the FDA advisory committee voted unanimously for its approval this past May. Kybella’s safety profile proved exceptional with no permanent adverse effects.

What is KYBELLA™?
KYBELLA™ is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment for permanently reducing submental fat (aka the double chin).

How Does it Work? 
Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in KYBELLA™(and a naturally-occurring molecule), aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat cells. Once destroyed, these cells are permanently eliminated through the body and the appearance of the double chin/neck wattle is improved. A series of injections are administered at each treatment session. KYBELLA™ treatments typically last 20-30 minutes and are spaced out at least 6-8 weeks apart. A traditional KYBELLA™ cycle can require up to 6 total treatments, however, patients see visible contouring in two to four sessions. Some results are visible weeks after treatment, however, final contouring with skin retraction is seen three months after final session.

KYBELLA™ can achieve long-lasting results, due to the fact that fat cells are permanently removed from beneath the chin after treatment. Sabrina Mercer Skincare can help create a personalized KYBELLA™treatment plan to fit your individual needs. 

How Long do the Treatments take, How Many Treatments are Needed, and are the Results Permanent?
The amount of treatments varies depending on the amount of fat being treated. The average patient requires between 2 to 5 treatments. Treatments take 20-30 minutes and are spaced 1 month apart. The treatments are done in the office with just a simple use of topical anesthesia. The fat reduction results are permanent! Just like surgical liposuction, even if you gain additional weight after the procedure, the treated area will not gain as much fat back exponentially as other areas of the body because the number of fat cells have been permanently reduced.

What Should My Treatment Expectations Be: Before, During and After? Will I Have Loose Skin Afterwards?
A tiny needle is used to inject KYBELLA™ medication in a grid like pattern covering the area of excess fat under the chin. These injections will cause temporary minor discomfort. Mild to moderate swelling, redness, bruising, and pain/tenderness can be expected for 5-10 days after each treatment. These side effects are due to the destruction of the fat cells and the body’s natural tissue injury repair process. These side effects may even lead to tightening of the skin after the fat dissipates. Less common side effects may be: temporary numbness in the treated area that resolves within weeks to months or small, firm tender lumps/nodules. These bumps will also resolve over several weeks to months. In general, treatments are well tolerated and become even easier with each subsequent treatment.


KYBELLA™is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness due to submental fat.

KYBELLA™ contains a non-human, non-animal formulation of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

KYBELLA™is administered by a trained healthcare professional using injections into the fat under the chin.

Each in-office KYBELLA treatment session typically takes 20-30 minutes.

Treatment with KYBELLA™ is customized by providers to address each patient’s aesthetic goals for an improved chin profile. KYBELLA cost varies based on each individual’s treatment needs.

Many patients experience visible results with two to four KYBELLA™treatment sessions spaced at least one month apart.

Up to a total of six KYBELLA™ treatments may be administered.

Once the aesthetic outcome is achieved, the need for KYBELLA™re-treatment is not expected, as KYBELLA™ causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat.

KYBELLA™as a non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation requires less recovery time than surgical options.

For most patients, downtime following a treatment session with KYBELLA™is minimal.

Why Choose to do Your KYBELLA Treatments with SMS?

Sabrina Mercer RN, BSN
was chosen as one of the first providers to be trained in this nonsurgical neck liposuction injectable by Allergan, the maker of BOTOX, Juverderm and Voluma.

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